Great Awakening Report – JULY – Volume I, Chapter I

“July When the World Learned the Truth”

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Welcome to our first Monthly Report, we thought it would be best to spend some time to explain how to read and review our Reports.  We believe those who have already awakened will find us.  We don’t seek to awaken anyone if its not their time, hence, our mission is to be in service to others working through their process of awakening.  Our purpose is to help those already awakened transition through the coming tsunami of new information, global and galactic shifts.  We start with an overview for each month, identifying articles, videos, and documentaries that fall under our two primary topic headings, Global Awakening and Cosmic Disclosure.  We use a 3 step process of 8 topic headings, with 24 subtopic headings and a series of embedded hot-links to identify reliable news sources.  Many of our topic headings will have past, present and future timelines with real science and factual evidence to verify information selected.  Each primary topic heading breaks down into 4 subtopic headings; Geopolitical, Global Weather, Health Watch, Real History, Hidden Truths, The Event, Spirituality, and The Path to Awakening.  Our research, investigations, and content posted all align and assist our subscribers in connecting the dots.  The format is intuitive and based on each individual subscriber’s own unique journey.  Each topic heading helps focus our subscribers attention to the articles supporting the Awakening and Disclosure.  We take great care to create individual  pathways for the discernment of truth, expansion of consciousness, and to unify with our growing community.

July 2018 Report

Geopolitical news highlighted the continued public exposure of the corruption in our government’s institutions including the CIA, FBI, DOJ,  and State Department.  New gold backed currency is replacing the fiat federal reserve dollar and the petrodollars as the world’s reserve currency is no longer being traded for oil.  Trade Wars dominated several news cycles with China and Europe mid month.  We heard the first rumblings regarding a real estate bubble burst with 50% declines in values projected. 

In Global Weather news we saw increased evidence for real climate change dominate the news, Hawaii’s Big Island Volcano continues to increase in size and destruction with the burning of over 600 residential homes.  There’s a new report of both ice caps melting at faster rates than estimated.  Northern Hemisphere Forest Fires are raging out of control in the Western US, Southern Europe, Greece, Austria, and Switzerland.  The Arctic Circle is on fire in Alaska, Canada, Sweden, and Siberia.  Earth’s climate is moving to the extreme hot or cold temperatures in places not normally found.  

In our Health Watch we look to identify research and articles uncovering the issues with CDC global vaccination programs, big pharma problems, side effects, and new health issues related to the use of  pharmaceutical drugs.  We’re also keeping our eye on the growing death count of alternative doctors developing natural cures for countless ailments.   

In True History we learned the Great Pyramid of Giza likely harvested electromagnetic energy while Gobekli Tepe’s continued excavation reveals 15 new temples and 200 standing stone structures.

In Hidden Truths we look back at President Andrew Jackson’s war with the Deep State in the 1830’s.  We now know the DOD has over 6,000 secret patents and the truth regarding all sciences taught in schools.  The oil industries have led the suppression of free energy technologies for over 70 years. There is a critical battle for disclosure of 5 to 10 Secret Space Programs established in the 1940’s.  We will be posting our research on all 3 of these important issues and their effects on humanity.  The evidence shows a deliberate effort of soft disclosure since 2015 and now the battle between Partial vs. Full Disclosure has become a civil war in Washington DC. 

In news about The Event NASA releases evidence that our solar system has entered a plasma energy cloud, and 35 ancient texts document a galactic flash coming from our sun every 26,000 years.  Known as the Ascension Event, there’s a lot of esoteric data pointing to the theory that we’re living at the end of the 26,000 year Grand Cycle.

In Spirituality research, the expansion of scientific evidence regarding consciousness is a key component to a living universe.  

On our Path to Awakening we’re happy to announce Jared Rand’s Global Mass Meditation has grown exponentially, with over 100,000 participants worldwide.  The Sedona Method, keys to Releasing and Forgiveness, and Dr Gundry’s newly released book, The Plant Paradox. 


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Summary: ??? The easiest and most identifiable evidence of the Great Awakening is the Global decline and implosion of G8 western government institutions, US Dollar as the World’s Global Currency, and the avoidance of Military Global Conflicts (rouge nation threats of WWII) The Key to understanding the Great Awakening is the (decades, centuries, millennial evidence) hidden hand of the Global Deep State/Shadow Government. The Deep State control of MSM (main stream media) 35% of both houses of Congress (Republicans & Democrats) CEO’s & Board Members of the top Fortune 500 companies, and Hollywood Elites reveals the who’s who involved. The evidence of 45,000 + sealed indictments, the early retirement or resignation of Congressmen, Senators, CEO’s and Elite Board Members revealing the scope and magnitude of a global network of corruption.  Q Anon after 9 months with over 1800 posting has now gone main stream in late July with all media outlets reporting Q as a Trump conspiracy. With over 350 million followers, 52 million eyes on website everyday exposing the Deep State is now in its final stages of total defeat, global control and human manipulation. The articles, videos and documentaries will provide a deeper historical and current understand of the crimes and atrocities committed against humanity.



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